DOSA Theatre / Film Projects – Get Involved!

12 Jun

DOSA Theatre / Film Projects – Get Involved!

  • Overseas students interested in film and theatre – all levels of experience are welcome.
  • All workshops are free. Workshops will be conducted by special guest teachers.
  • We know that you are busy with exams in June, and on holidays in July. The projects listed below do not require much time from you and are easy for you to be a part of.
  • If you are already working on your own play, dance or film and don’t want to take part in what we’ve listed below then we STILL want to hear from you. We might be able to help you create or perform your piece.


1. Theatre of Conversation

A part of the: Winter Artisan’s Markets


Where: Northcote Town Hall, 189 High Street, Northcote


When: June 30, July 7 with 1 preparatory workshop (date to be confirmed)


What will you be doing: Come along and play a conversation game, sit in a cute little tent and meet people, chat about your life as an overseas student in Australia.


Why should you be doing this: Because it’s easy to get involved in. You can get the chance to meet the locals and learn about them. You can make them understand things from your point of view. You can practice your English. As an actor you can develop your improvisational skills in a relaxed and comfortable setting. It’ll be fun.


2. Standing Here, Looking There

Stories of Arrival

A part of the: Month at La Mama (produced by Platform Youth Theatre Company)


Where: La Mama Theatre Courthouse, 215 Elgin St, Carlton,



  • Workshop – In July (date to be confirmed)
  • Performance – 22nd July, 3pm


What will I be doing: attending a workshop Playback Theatre ( and developing short performance pieces that tell your story about being an overseas student in Australia.


Why should I be doing this: Learn some acting skills during the workshop. Get a chance to perform in one of Melbourne’s most loved theatres. Get to know the people running Playback Theatre and Platform Youth Theatre Companies so that you can participate in their upcoming exciting projects. Increase your skills as a performer. Meet other overseas students interested in theatre. Share your experiences as an overseas student with local audiences. It’ll be fun.


3. DOSA Film Project

Calling all film makers (or anyone interested in learning how to make a film). It’s finally time to make our short film about DOSA! Special guest film maker Neil Triffett will be helping us to make this film.


When and where: to be negotiated with Neil.


What will I be doing: making and / or performing in a short film.


Why should I be doing this: to learn how to make a film or to practice or increase my film making skills. Help support DOSA by making a film to promote it. Meet other overseas students who are into film. It’ll be fun.



Who wants to help DOSA organize these projects?

We need volunteers who will help to promote these projects, coordinate the students taking part in them, come along to meetings about organizing the productions, make contacts with other students and groups who want to be involved, and help to brainstorm ideas and creative content.


You will develop your project coordination skills, get to meet heaps of people, make contacts in the local theatre / arts world, learn more about how to put a show or film together, and it’ll be fun.


If you want to get involved in these projects, or if you want to find out how DOSA and Platform Youth Theatre can help you with your own performances, then just contact us at our facebook page ( ) or email us on

Please send us a message with you name, email address and mobile phone number and the days you are free to attend workshops.

Opportunity to Perform at Federation Square

24 May


Work with some really interesting artists and be a part of special community event celebrating  Light, Enlightenment, Words and Reading without having to find the time and resources you would need to find to do it all by yourself.   The event will be a Choreographed by acclaimed artists Tony Yap and Yumi Umiumare. This cross-cultural movement piece will be performed within an installation of thousands of lit up books in Fed Square made by international installation artists, Luzinterruptus. To find out more about the lead artists see and

 To Bindi Green Mob 0466 280 385
Light in Winter Production Manager

28/5/12 Monday 5.30-8pm BMW Edge
4/6/12 Monday 5.30-8pm BMW Edge
11/6/12 Monday 5.30-8pm BMW Edge
19/6/12 Tuesday 5-9pm BMW Edge
22/6/12 Friday 5-9pm Yarra Building

23/6/12 Saturday 5-8 pm Fed Square Plaza

 To Bindi Green Mob 0466 280 385
Light in Winter Production Manager.

$900 Poster Challenge (Open to all Victorian Tertiary Students)

24 May

$900 Poster Challenge (Open to all Victorian Tertiary Students)

Are you a local or international student currently studying in Victoria, aged 18 or over,with a talent for graphic design?

If so, put your creativity to work around the theme

International students and responsible gambling to win some fantastic prizes!

1st Prize: $500 worth of gift cards from the store of your choice

4 x Runner-Up Prizes: $100 worth of gift cards from the store of your choice

Lucky Draw: 20 x Movie Tickets


All participants will be invited to the Awards Ceremony.

The winning poster may be used for future Gambler’s Help promotions and social marketing campaigns.


Submission Guidelines:

1. Pixel Size: 500 x 500

2. Format: JPG, GIF

3. Include the website: and allow space for the insertion of the Gambler’s Help logo

4. Do not include the corporate brands of any gambling companies in the design

5. Limited to 1 entry per person

6. Primary focus group: International Students

7. Enter via email, with “International student poster competition” as the subject

8. Provide your personal details in the body of your email entry i.e. Name, Email, Phone and Education Institution

9. Attach your poster file to your entry email. Name the file under your name and institution e.g. JohnCook_Monash.jpg

10. Send your work to before the deadline


Key dates:

1. Submission Deadline: Monday 11th June 2012, 11.59pm

2. Voting Period: Wednesday 13th June, 11.59pm – Friday 22nd June 2012, 11.59pm

3. Awards Ceremony: 30th June 2012 (TBC)

For enquiries regarding the contest or submission process, please feel free to contact or post a question on our Facebook page.

Free event this Friday: Theatre show + games night + free dinner = FUN

16 May

Friday, 18 May, 6pm, Northland Youth Centre (at Northland Shopping Centre)


(+ dinner!!!)


Fun loving young people in Darebin are invited to a dynamic theatre show and games night.

Come and see live performances and join in games of Bingo, Pictionary, Cards and much more! Bring a friend or come by yourself and meet people in a fun, friendly environment. Dinner will be provided on the night…

RSVPs are essential. RSVP to Kate at or 9450 2080.

This event is being supported by the City of Darebin, The City of Moreland, Gambler’s Help and DOSA. The theatre show has been created by overseas students working with the Brunswick Women’s Theatre.


Morning Tea With The Mayor!

15 May

To celebrate National Volunteer Week (14-20 May) the Darebin Information Volunteer Resource Service (DIVRS) invites you to have Morning Tea with City of Darebin Mayor, Cr. Steve Tsitas.

Share a cuppa, some treats and a chat with people who volunteer, local volunteer organisations and others.

Everyone welcome!

RSVP or 9480 8200 by Monday May 14

LaTrobe ISA invites overseas students on a day trip to Phillip Island on May 19

9 May

International Student Association brings for you a trip to one of the most magnificent place in Australia- PHILLIP ISLAND!!- A place of natural beauty, sandy beaches, tranquil wetlands and unique wildlife. It’s a trip you do not want to miss, coming on the 19th May.

During the trip, you will get to visit some of the most iconic places, namely;

[1] Wildlife Wonderland: Feed kangaroos and emu, take photos with Koalas’, and see Tasmanian devil.

[2] Cowes Town: Enjoy the Cowes Beach scenery.

[3] Nobbies Center: Stroll the Nobbies boardwalk to view the majestic rugged south coast and blowhole. That’s not it! You get to explore and discover the secrets of the incredible southern marine environment including seals, sharks and dolphins via interactive displays and cameras that allow you to zoom in and out on these marine creatures

[4] Penguin Parade: The Penguin Parade experience is sure to be the highlight of your visit! As the sun fades in the sky, the little penguins waddle up the beach to the safety of their homes in the sand dunes. Witness this magical procession, it is a treat never forgotten!


Date/Time: Saturday, 19th May 2012

The Cost:

ISA Members: $60          Non-Members: $65

The ticket includes all the entry fees and transport but not includes food, drinks and other personal costs.

If you are an International student and you have not registered with International Student Association yet, come over to the ISA office and get yourself registered.

Booking the ticket:

Step one: Go to LaTrobe Student Union Service Centre and talk to the receptionist

Step two: Filling the invitation letter and bus list and return it to receptionist

Step three: Make a payment by cash or cards


Note: This booking is done on a first comes first serve basis and we cannot reserve any position unless you pay.


Seats are limited. Hurry up! For more information contact

Notes from DOSA Discussion 22nd April

26 Apr

DOSA – Strategic Planning meeting

Sunday 22nd April 2012, from sometime between 2.30 and 3pmish until sometime after 5pmish


  • Ramin (LaTrobe Alumni, Iran)
  • Minnie (RMIT, Mainland China)
  • Tonje (LaTrobe, Norway)
  • Anh (LaTrobe, Vietnam)
  • Alice (Monash, Taiwan)
  • Meredith (Project Worker, Australia)
  • Richard (NMIT, Ireland)

This meeting was held in lieu of a scheduled theatre workshop at the request of the students – “Let’s talk about how we can rebuild DOSA”. It started with a brief brainstorming exercise suggested by Meredith followed by a 2 hour discussion (spontaneously) chaired by Ramin.

During this meeting we discussed:

  • Strategic goals
  • Risks and how we can deal with them
  • Communications / promotions

These notes were taken by Meredith. The italicised notes were thoughts inserted after the meeting.

Strategic goals:

1. Sustainability / continuity of DOSA – how does DOSA keep going after the DOSA Capacity Building Project finishes in September (project worker leaves, lack of funding)

2. Who runs DOSA? – although numbers are too small to warrant it now, down the track DOSA will need some sort of “central structure” (Tonje) to organise itself around. As the number of volunteers who run DOSA grow, more care and organisation will be needed to coordinate them. A couple of students suggested that DOSA may need some sort of committee.

Meredith’s note: The Capacity Building Project exists in order to help DOSA investigate this and then work with students to help them form a committee that serves their needs.

3. What is DOSA? What is DOSA’s mission? It can’t be all things to all people. It’s OK to not to know this right now but maybe DOSA should make it a goal to dedicate some time and focus on exploring this question.

Meredith’s note: I was the one who brought this up, and I got the impression that the other people didn’t see it as important as I did.

Richard commented that what DOSA is, is a place for overseas students to go, pure and simple.

Risks and Risk Management

This part of the meeting was initiated when one of the students suggested that we list all the problems or things that could stop DOSA from continuing, and then think of ways we can deal with these.

Risk / Problem / Challenge What can be done about it
People leaving:

  • Most overseas students return home after their studies, e.g. we are losing Tonje in a couple of months (Meredith: groan)
  • Meredith will be leaving after the funding for her pay finishes in September (Meredith: groan); (Meredith: actually I would be very happy to volunteer some time to help DOSA after September if I’m wanted, but I won’t be able to dedicate the 18+ hours per week I am doing now)
Recruit and train up more volunteers before the current ones leave
Bad planning – setting inappropriate goals for DOSA and its volunteers to achieve
  • Ownership of DOSA by overseas students
  • Leadership / organisational skills training for student leaders
  • Promoting DOSA to attract participants and, from amongst these, recruit volunteers.

Bad planning can be prevented by student leaders running DOSA, but for us to get these student leaders they have to turn up to DOSA events first, and for us to get them to turn up we need to promote DOSA better (Richard’s line of thought?)

Low attendance
  • Better promotions
  • Create a really friendly vibe at Ozone Lounge (although it’s hard to create a friendly vibe of you lack people) (Meredith: Ramin and Tonje go all out to create that friendly vibe; but it’s not just up to them – we definitely need more people. HOWEVER numbers are slowly starting to build – we are doing so much better than the month before and then the month before that).
  • Offering food at Drop In sessions (this is linked to how much funding we have)
  • Programming events to attract people (Meredith: already underway)
    • Lacking or losing support of other organisations.
    • Difficulty in finding appropriate partners:
 a) Not keeping our promises

b) Not maintaining contact or not following up (this is a risk considering the time constraints we are operating under right now)

c) Disappointing or not living up to other people’s expectations.





We actually feel that we’re doing well with this right now – we are getting some good support from some other organisations.

“relationship management” (Meredith) – not taking your supporters for granted and consciously doing what you can to keep your friendships healthy, e.g. networking, showing appreciation from time to time (Meredith: showing support by going to their events or helping to promote them; in a more formal relationship – say that with a funding body – making sure you do all your paperwork properly).

Recruiting enough volunteers so we have enough people available to invest some time into managing relationships.

(Meredith: Even though this is not the worst risk for us right now, I’m glad that we have considered it as forming relationships with ‘buddy’ organisations is a really important thing that can help DOSA, especially after September).

(Meredith: Suggestion – let’s make a list / table of all of the partners we have; all of the organisations that we are talking to that could become partners; all of the organisations that we would like to be partners with. We could include contact details. This would be a good database to create by the end of September to leave for the volunteers who will be running DOSA).

Not getting enough time to do everything we need to / lack of volunteers Improve promotions so we can recruit more volunteers
Meredith: I don’t know why, but I had this written down but forgot to bring it up:

Lack of funding

Recruit more volunteers, train them in grant writing and fund raising


Meredith: it would be good if we could look at each risk and decide:

a) how likely it is to happen

b) how much damage it will do once it does happen


We decided to list the communications / promotional resources or tools that we have or can develop:

  • DOSA blog
  • DIVRS web page (Meredith: )
  • Old Council web page
  • Facebook page
  • Other organisation’s email newsletters (e.g. LaTrobe University’s Internews)
  • Our own email bulletin
  • Promotional events
  • Our own website
  • Fliers / posters
  • Media, including student publications
  • Community Legal Centre window display
  • Promotional video
  • Meredith: posters / signage in Northland Youth centre windows; 2 large DOSA banners.

Some discussion was given to DOSA’s website, which is about to start being built. Our preferred domain name – – has already been taken and its current owner refuses to sell it. Ramin has registered another name – – and asked for feedback at the meeting. The consensus was that this could lead to confusion as most people could see this as a mistake. Suggestions were made as to how to get around it (including registering another name altogether). A popular suggestion was writing ‘this is not a mistake’ next to the web address on our fliers – that it could be a fun and quirky thing to do.

Meredith: I think the web name needs a lot of thought still.

I also think that we need to design an overall strategy for promotions instead of going at it piecemeal in a panic. As much as we are desperate for numbers, there is an old saying – less haste, more speed. We can’t allow low numbers to panic us into planning badly or rushing through important decisions.

NEWSFLASH: Special Ozone Lounge Event

26 Apr

Friday 18th May from 6pm


Northland Youth Centre



Fun and games (literally)


A short show by a group of Overseas Students who have been working with the Brunswick Women’s Theatre

It would be great if we could all check this out and see what they’ve been doing – might be some inspiration for us.


Lots of great food provided by Gamblers Help

An official flier will come soon, but in the meantime put this in your diaries and bring your friends.

Do you like to write or tell stories?

11 Apr
Do you like to write or tell stories?
Aged 16 – 25 years?
Live, work or study in Melbourne’s north?
Enter our story telling competition!
Stories are invited in written, illustrated, photographic or audiovisual formats and entries will be accepted in any language.  
Total prize pool $3,000
Winning entry prize $800
First 50 entries get $20 voucher

“Don’t let gambling take over”*
*You do not need to gamble or know anyonewho gambles to participate. Your perspective is important!
For a submission form and information on how to enter  go to:  
Entries close 1 May 2012
For more information or if you do not have internet access contact:
Felicity Jackson, Yarra Council on 9205 5093 or

How to get Money for your Project or Student Group

4 Apr

What is a grant?

A grant is some money that is given to you by an organization (either a government department or a charity or a business) so that you can afford to run a project.

Sounds good, how do you get one? You have to apply for a grant by filling in a grant application form.

Don’t know how to do this? Tried to do it but found it confusing? Are you just curious to know more about grants and how they work?

Attend our Grant Writing Workshop!

Grant Writing for the Terrified! DOSA presents a grant writing workshop to help you to understand grants better and how to apply for money.

In this workshop we will discuss:

  • What you should write in a grant application
  • What some of the technical terms, vocabulary and words in grant applications mean
  • How to talk to organizations that give grants
  • Handy tips for making your grant application more successful.
  • Where to go for more information.

Workshop exercises will be based on working through a real grant application so you can see what one looks like.

This workshop is meant to make applying for grants less confusing and stressful. It will be useful, practical and hands on. But it will also be fun and relaxed. Newcomers to grant writing and fundraising are welcome.

Date:               Wednesday, 11th April 2012

Time:              2.30-4pm (including afternoon tea).

Venue:            DIVRS, 285-287 High Street, Preston

Cost:               FREE!

Registrations: Essential – or call Meredith on 9480 8205.

For more information, please call Meredith on 0480 8205 or email her at

During 2012, DOSA is running a project aimed at supporting overseas students to run their own projects or groups. This grant writing workshop is a part of that project. This project is funded (by a grant!) by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship through the Diversity and social Cohesion Program. For more information, visit