DOSA Newsletter Nov 2011

10 Nov

DOSA Update!

Allow me to introduce myself – My name is Meredith and I am the new Project Worker for DOSA.

 What is happening with DOSA right now?

DOSA has moved! As some of you might know, DOSA has been run as a program of the local Council (the City ofDarebin) over the last couple of years. DOSA now has a new home, and is now being run by an organisation called the Darebin Information, Volunteer & Resource Service (DIVRS). But Council is still very much involved with DOSA and will still be offering lots of support and opportunities to DOSA.

This move to DIVRS is a good thing. Why? Because DIVRS has lots of great programs, people and information that can help DOSA. If you want to know more about DIVRS then check out its web page –

Where do I come in? Recently, DOSA was awarded a grant from the Department of Immigration and Australian Citizenship. Some of this money will be used to pay a Project Worker (that’s me!) to support DOSA, with a little money left over to pay for any activities we might want to organise.

I am very happy to be working with DOSA. In the past I have worked as an event manager and project coordinator on many different projects. At one point I used to work atRMITUniversityfor student services departments for about 5 years. During that time I worked with many student collectives and groups, including overseas students. I loved it and had great fun. 

So what exactly does the future hold for DOSA? You tell me! It is very important for DOSA to start thinking about the future. DOSA is funded only up until 30 September 2012. After this I will disappear and there will be no more money. One of the things I have been hired to do is to help DOSA come up with a plan as to how they are going to survive into the future. I need the people who are a part of DOSA to tell me what they want DOSA to be and how they think we should organize this.

How will we do this? We can talk during some of the regular DOSA Drop In Sessions at Northlands Youth Centre on Thursday nights. DOSA will again be attending the Summer Camp at Anglesea, which is run by the City of Darebin. This will be another opportunity for some DOSA folks to get together and have a conversation about DOSA. I am contactable through facebook (‘Dosa Darebin’), email ( ) or you can leave a comment on the DOSA blog ( ). Please get involved. Make me happy by answering my endless questions.

Upcoming events

PIZZA NIGHT AT DOSA DROP IN –Thursday, 10 November 2011, 6.30-9pm, Northland Youth Centre, Free event.

What is DOSA doing in 2012? DOSA is getting ready for a great year. Come along and meet the newDOSAproject worker on Thursday 10 November and talk about what you want fromDOSAin 2012.

SUMMER CAMP – 15-17 January 2012 at Anglesea.

Following on from last year’s successful camp, the City of Darebinwill once again be organizing a Summer Camp at Anglesea for DOSA. This camp will offer the chance to have fun, get to know your DOSA friends better, and much more… If you would like to attend this great camp then feel free to email for more information. Registration forms, exact cost and more information will be available very soon.

 I want to make this newsletter bigger and better. Do you have an event coming up? Looking for a new housemate? Want to sell your fridge? If you have anything to contribute to the next newsletter then please email it to

How to contact DOSA:


Facebook: Dosa Darebin at


This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship through the Diversity and social Cohesion Program. For more information, visit

DOSA is also supported by the City ofDarebinand Northlands Youth Centre.


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