Hello and goodbye to Sachi!

14 Dec

Sachintha Fernando is an overseas student who has kindly volunteered her time to help write a grant for DOSA. This blog introduces Sachi as a DOSA volunteer, but also sadly wishes her farewell as she is going back to Sri Lanka this week:

My name is Sachintha and for the last 6 months I studied Business economics at La Trobe University.  I was an exchange student from Sri Lanka, a beautiful tropical island centered in the Indian Ocean.  

Studying and living in Australia has being an educational, enlightening and wonderful experience.  Aussie is a beautiful country and has being a very nice home to me during these past 6 months.  What I love most about Australia is the delicious food, the wild life and the wide variety of cultural events that are ongoing throughout the year, not to mention the very friendly people.

I have being helping DOSA during the last couple of weeks with applying for a grant.  I volunteered my time mostly because I love getting involved with activities, allowing me to meet a lot of new people whilst gaining valuable experience.  It has being great working with Meredith, who is very kind and patient and ever willing to impart valuable knowledge.  All in all it’s being more fun than hard work.

I am very excited to be going home on the 15th of December, but I will definitely miss this amazing country and I will take back all the wonderful memories and friendships forged.

Sachi has been a huge help. She and I worked together to write a grant to obtain funding to run DOSA’s Drop In sessions. The grants are very competitive – cross your fingers and wish us luck so that we are successful. Sachi did the grant writing to help out DOSA but also to increase her own (already great) skills and confidence. DOSA needs the help of volunteers to run properly, but it can also offer fantastic work experience to volunteers. Volunteer positions will be promoted regularly – if you are an overseas student who lives or studies in Darebin please get in touch with DOSA if you are interetsted.


Project Worker for DOSA




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