Join Us For Operation O-Week

9 Jan

Join us for Operation O-Week!

DOSAhas been invited by LaTrobe International and NMIT to take part in their Orientation activities during February 2012. This is an excellent opportunity to promoteDOSAto overseas students. It is important that we promote ourselves well during orientation.

 Creating a great Orientation display or presentation takes thought, planning, and creativity. You are invited to become a part of the Operation O-Week project team.

DOSAis looking for overseas students to volunteer on Operation O-Week. We need people to:

1. Choose and plan the ways in whichDOSAcan promote itself. We could do anything from creating posters to giving out lollies to performing street theatre – we are only limited by our imagination.

2. Organise how the Operation O-Week project unfolds.

3. Make / create / find materials or displays we need.

4. Come to the Orientation Week activities to promoteDOSAto other overseas students.

You can be involved in any or all of the above.

Who should be involved?

Overseas students who live or study in the Darebin area who want to improve their skills or experience in the following:

  • Promotions
  • Project Coordination
  • Team work
  • Meeting new people
  • Making presentations
  • Making creative work

During 2012,DOSA needs to focus on its ability to survive in the future.DOSA will be focused on providing opportunities for overseas students to build up their skills and experience in organising DOSA. Operation O-Week will benefit DOSA by attracting new students to DOSA activities. Operation O-Week will benefit the students who work on the Operation O-Week team by helping to build their organisational skills in a fun way.

If you want to be involved then contact Meredith at or at Facebook (Dosa Darebin) or on 9480 8205.


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