Keep safe when travelling for the holidays! Important Health Advice

17 Jan

Just because you were born overseas does not mean you can not get sick if you go home for a visit. Your immune system changes when you spend time away from your home country, so you may no longer be protected from certain infections when you travel home. To avoid travel-related infections (e.g., typhoid, malaria, dengue, and hepatitis A) you should see your doctor before you travel (preferably at least 2-4 weeks before your trip). Vaccines, preventive medications, avoiding mosquito bites, eating safe foods and drinking only clean (bottled or boiled) water can help prevent these infections. For more information, call Royal Melbourne Hospital Travel Clinic (03 9342 7390) or your doctor’s centre or visit and Last but not least, if you become unwell during or after your trip you should see a doctor and mention that you have been overseas. 

Suggested links:

Travel Doctor

Tel: 1300 658844


Smart Traveller 


Travel Clinic; Royal Melbourne Hospital – Victorian Infectious Disease Unit


Tel: 03 9342 7390

This information was supplied to DOSA by Monash University as part of a special health promotion project.


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