Thanks for a Great Summer Camp!

18 Jan

The Overseas Students Summer Camp, held from the 15-17th January near Airey’s Inlet, is finally over. Due to illness I was unable to attend* but the first reports and photos are trickling through from those to attend. People seem to have had an absolutely wonderful time, and that’s fantastic to hear.

Putting on this Summer Camp takes a lot of organising and a lot of hard work. DOSA owes thanks to the following people:

  • City of Darebin/ Northlands Youth Centre staff – especially Jacqui who did an amazing job with organising the whole Summer Camp program (our camp was just one of four). Thanks also to Nik for his support (especially when it came to cooking…).
  • LaTrobe International staff members – Jo and Odra were incredibly committed to making the camp a success.
  • A big thank you must go to the overseas students who volunteered as peer leaders for the camp – Lily, Casey, Dzung, Sonneth, Ramin, Ahmed. It’s been wonderful to work with people who bring such generosity of spirit and great ideas to the table. I hope that you will all be inspired to continue to support the DOSA Capacity Building Project in the future.

Thanks also to all of the people who attended the camp. Your enthusiasm was a vital ingredient to the success of the camp, and the fact that you enjoyed it makes it all worthwhile.

I am sure that we will have a more formal evaluation of the camp. I am keen to hear any feedback that Camp participants may have. But, given that so many people worked so hard to make the camp happen, I felt that it was important to acknowledge that hard work as soon as possible. Thanks guys – DOSA is very grateful!


Project Worker

DOSA Capacity Building Project

*very grumpy about this!


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