DOSA Theatre / Film Projects – Get Involved!

12 Jun

DOSA Theatre / Film Projects – Get Involved!

  • Overseas students interested in film and theatre – all levels of experience are welcome.
  • All workshops are free. Workshops will be conducted by special guest teachers.
  • We know that you are busy with exams in June, and on holidays in July. The projects listed below do not require much time from you and are easy for you to be a part of.
  • If you are already working on your own play, dance or film and don’t want to take part in what we’ve listed below then we STILL want to hear from you. We might be able to help you create or perform your piece.


1. Theatre of Conversation

A part of the: Winter Artisan’s Markets


Where: Northcote Town Hall, 189 High Street, Northcote


When: June 30, July 7 with 1 preparatory workshop (date to be confirmed)


What will you be doing: Come along and play a conversation game, sit in a cute little tent and meet people, chat about your life as an overseas student in Australia.


Why should you be doing this: Because it’s easy to get involved in. You can get the chance to meet the locals and learn about them. You can make them understand things from your point of view. You can practice your English. As an actor you can develop your improvisational skills in a relaxed and comfortable setting. It’ll be fun.


2. Standing Here, Looking There

Stories of Arrival

A part of the: Month at La Mama (produced by Platform Youth Theatre Company)


Where: La Mama Theatre Courthouse, 215 Elgin St, Carlton,



  • Workshop – In July (date to be confirmed)
  • Performance – 22nd July, 3pm


What will I be doing: attending a workshop Playback Theatre ( and developing short performance pieces that tell your story about being an overseas student in Australia.


Why should I be doing this: Learn some acting skills during the workshop. Get a chance to perform in one of Melbourne’s most loved theatres. Get to know the people running Playback Theatre and Platform Youth Theatre Companies so that you can participate in their upcoming exciting projects. Increase your skills as a performer. Meet other overseas students interested in theatre. Share your experiences as an overseas student with local audiences. It’ll be fun.


3. DOSA Film Project

Calling all film makers (or anyone interested in learning how to make a film). It’s finally time to make our short film about DOSA! Special guest film maker Neil Triffett will be helping us to make this film.


When and where: to be negotiated with Neil.


What will I be doing: making and / or performing in a short film.


Why should I be doing this: to learn how to make a film or to practice or increase my film making skills. Help support DOSA by making a film to promote it. Meet other overseas students who are into film. It’ll be fun.



Who wants to help DOSA organize these projects?

We need volunteers who will help to promote these projects, coordinate the students taking part in them, come along to meetings about organizing the productions, make contacts with other students and groups who want to be involved, and help to brainstorm ideas and creative content.


You will develop your project coordination skills, get to meet heaps of people, make contacts in the local theatre / arts world, learn more about how to put a show or film together, and it’ll be fun.


If you want to get involved in these projects, or if you want to find out how DOSA and Platform Youth Theatre can help you with your own performances, then just contact us at our facebook page ( ) or email us on

Please send us a message with you name, email address and mobile phone number and the days you are free to attend workshops.

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