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Great Opportunity for Overseas Students with Marketing Skills

8 Feb

Help International Students and develop your career skills

 Social Marketing Working Group

 We recently recieved the following information from our friends at Gamblers Help. If you want to contact them, their email addresses are towards the bottom of this blog:

We are looking for international students with;

  •  A passion for social issues,
  • Skills in marketing,
  • A flair for graphic design and social media, and
  • Connections with International Student groups.

We are seeking international students with a range of marketing skills to develop and implement a social marketing campaign. This short term project will assist the Gambler’s Help services reduce the vulnerability of international students to problem gambling.

In return, you will;

  • Gain hands on experience in developing and implementing a social marketing campaign,
  • Increase invaluable career skills in the areas of project planning and management, leadership and budgeting,
  • Help other international students.

The objectives of the campaign will be to provide students with information about responsible gambling behaviours, the signs of problem gambling and help seeking options. Utilising focus groups, the workgroup will be expected to devise, design and test original creative that favours online distribution.

This mentored program will consist of 6-8 fortnightly workshops over four months, commencing February.

 Location: Carlton

Time required: 2 hours a fortnight

Duration of project: March-June 2012

 If you are interested, email your CV by 10th February to:

 Tatiana Walker


Kate Hufschmid


More information:

A combination of newfound freedom away from family, access to money intended for study and living expenses and bouts of homesickness and depression, is causing many international students to gamble themselves – and their families – into deep financial trouble. In response to this, Multicultural Gambler’s Help Program (MGHP), Gambler’s Help Eastern (GHE), Gambler’s Help Northern (GHN), Gambler’s Help Southern (GHS) and Gambler’s Help City (GHC) have been working cooperatively to develop and implement a suite of prevention and early intervention strategies.

The next stage of this will involve the formation of the Social Marketing Working Group with representation from a select group of International Students who will develop and implement a campaign to assist Gambler’s Help services reduce the vulnerability of international students to problem gambling.

The working group members will be selected for their marketing, graphic design and online skills. Once a fortnight over four months, the workgroup will convene to develop culturally relevant marketing material, as well as build their own career skill-sets.”

DOSA will also need help with marketing and communications during this year, and will soon be able to offer similar opportunities to this one. Stay tuned…