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DOSA February Newsletter

29 Feb

Darebin Overseas Student Association (DOSA)

Newsletter, February 2012

 Hi there! Welcome back to those of you who are returning to your courses after your holiday – I hope you had a great break. To those of you who are new arrivals and just starting your courses – Welcome! We hope that you have a great time inAustralia. This newsletter contains some exciting upcoming events and opportunities, so read on…

1. Opportunity Showcase – 4 March, 2-4pm, Northland Youth Centre

Come along and find out about the exciting opportunities for DOSA in 2012. We can offer overseas students the chance to be involved in lots of different things: sport, arts and theatre, games, workshops, feasts, excursions. Come along and choose what you want to do. Sign up to participate in IELTS preparation sessions, theatre projects, day trips and workshops.

2012 will be an important year for DOSA – hear about what lies ahead for DOSA, and have your say about DOSA’s future plans.

2. Want to do some acting or learn how to write a script? Get involved with DOSA’s theatre projects in 2012.

DOSA and Platform Youth Theatre ( will be working together in 2012 and 2013 to create some theatre works based on the experiences of overseas students. This is an exciting opportunity for overseas students to get involved with one of Melbourne’s best youth theatre companies. Overseas students of all levels of experience are welcome. Come along to the Opportunity Showcase 4th March to find out more and to sign up to take part. If you can’t make it to the Opportunity Showcases, then just email Meredith at

3. Do you have an idea, project or activity for women? Get involved in International Women’s Day, 2-7pm, Thursday 6 March

The City of Darebinwill be holding the International Women’s Day Event at PrestonCity Hall. DOSA will have an information stall at this event, so if you have a project or an activity for women that you would like to promote then please let us know and we can include the information on our stall. If you have an activity (art, massage, henna painting, face painting for kids) that you would like to do at this event then you should also get in touch with us – . The deadline for submitting your information or activities is 1 March.

4. IELTS Preparation Update

Many overseas students have requested help in preparing for IELTS. DOSA is working on organizing some sessions to help with this. The sessions will be held at venues in Prestonand will either be free or low cost. We are in the process of recruiting people to tutor at these sessions. If you are interested in participating in these sessions (either as a learner or as a volunteer tutor) then please contact Meredith at

5. Want to run your own project? Want to run your own group? How can DOSA help you to do this?

During 2012, DOSA is being funded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. This money is meant to be spent on any activity that can help overseas students learn the skills and gain the knowledge to manage their own projects or run their own student groups. Do you need a workshop on how to apply for funding, or a mentor to advise you on promoting an event, or a venue to hold a meeting, or help in photocopying some fliers? If you want to know how DOSA can help, then come along to one of the Opportunity Showcases on February 23 (6.30-9pm) or March 4 (2-4pm) to find out how, or contact Meredith at

Of course, one MAJOR project or group you could get involved in running is DOSA itself!

So what exactly does the future hold for DOSA? You tell us! It is very important for DOSA to start thinking about the future. DOSA is funded only up until 30 September 2012. After this there will be no more money and no more project worker. If you think that it’s important for DOSA to survive as a group, or for activities like the Drop In sessions to be offered to overseas students in the future then help DOSA come up with a plan as to how they are going to survive into the future. People who are a part of DOSA need to say what they want DOSA to be and how they think we should organize this. Come along to one of the Opportunity Showcase on March 4 (2-4pm) to find out how you can be involved, or contact Meredith at




DOSAis funded by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship through the Diversity and Social Cohesion Program. For more information, visit

Free IELTS Preparation Resources

19 Jan

As some of you might know, DOSA is planning to offer activities that assist overseas students who live or study in the Darebin area* with help in preparing for IELTS tests. While you are waiting for that, check out these free resources at the State Library of Victoria:

“State Library of Victoria – Resources for Learning English.


The Library has dictionaries and grammar books to help you learn English, as well as a small selection of IELTS (International English Language Testing System) resources.

Library staff at the Information Desks can also help you to find books that are easy to read.


Dictionaries, grammar books and other resources are available in the:

Information Centre

  • English dictionaries – call number R423
  • Grammar books – call number R428
  • IELTS books – call number R428.0076

Redmond Barry Reading Room

Grammar books – call number R428 (Level 2A, upper level)


Electronic dictionaries and IELTS resources are also available online. To use these resources go to and click the ‘Research tools’ link to the right of ‘Search’ on the homepage. Then click:

  1. ‘in the Library’ under the eJournals, eBooks and CD-ROMs sub heading
  2. ‘Language literature and reviews’
  3. IELTS resources towards the bottom of the page


Melbourne City Library has an excellent collection of adult ESL (English as a Second Language) books which you can borrow.

The City Library is located at253 Flinders Lane,Melbourne. Go to for more information.

RMIT Library has many IELTS titles, however books are not able to be borrowed. Go to for more information.

Your local library also has books and a range of online resources.


When you are looking for IELTS and other information about learning English, try using these terms in your search engine:

  • ielts masterclass practice test
  • ielts
  • learning English
  • ielts preparation resources
  • world English ielts”

I am not sure, but you may have to become a member of the State Library of Victoria member in order to use their resources. This is free and easy and quick, and has many benefits as the State Library has many fantastic free resources. Go to the state Library of Victoria website for more information.

If you are an overseas student who is living or studying in the Darebin area and you would like to do some preparation for the IELTS test, then please leave a comment on our ‘DOSA Darebin’ facebook page or on this blog. Better yet, send your email address so that we can let you know when IELTS preparation is coming up. You can do this by sending a private message via our facebook page or email

Good luck with those IELTS tests!


*A list of suburbs in the Darebin area can be found on the About DOSA section of this blog.