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Do you like to write or tell stories?

11 Apr
Do you like to write or tell stories?
Aged 16 – 25 years?
Live, work or study in Melbourne’s north?
Enter our story telling competition!
Stories are invited in written, illustrated, photographic or audiovisual formats and entries will be accepted in any language.  
Total prize pool $3,000
Winning entry prize $800
First 50 entries get $20 voucher

“Don’t let gambling take over”*
*You do not need to gamble or know anyonewho gambles to participate. Your perspective is important!
For a submission form and information on how to enter  go to:  
Entries close 1 May 2012
For more information or if you do not have internet access contact:
Felicity Jackson, Yarra Council on 9205 5093 or

DOSA February Newsletter

29 Feb

Darebin Overseas Student Association (DOSA)

Newsletter, February 2012

 Hi there! Welcome back to those of you who are returning to your courses after your holiday – I hope you had a great break. To those of you who are new arrivals and just starting your courses – Welcome! We hope that you have a great time inAustralia. This newsletter contains some exciting upcoming events and opportunities, so read on…

1. Opportunity Showcase – 4 March, 2-4pm, Northland Youth Centre

Come along and find out about the exciting opportunities for DOSA in 2012. We can offer overseas students the chance to be involved in lots of different things: sport, arts and theatre, games, workshops, feasts, excursions. Come along and choose what you want to do. Sign up to participate in IELTS preparation sessions, theatre projects, day trips and workshops.

2012 will be an important year for DOSA – hear about what lies ahead for DOSA, and have your say about DOSA’s future plans.

2. Want to do some acting or learn how to write a script? Get involved with DOSA’s theatre projects in 2012.

DOSA and Platform Youth Theatre (http://www.pyt.org.au/wordpress) will be working together in 2012 and 2013 to create some theatre works based on the experiences of overseas students. This is an exciting opportunity for overseas students to get involved with one of Melbourne’s best youth theatre companies. Overseas students of all levels of experience are welcome. Come along to the Opportunity Showcase 4th March to find out more and to sign up to take part. If you can’t make it to the Opportunity Showcases, then just email Meredith at dosa@divrs.org.au

3. Do you have an idea, project or activity for women? Get involved in International Women’s Day, 2-7pm, Thursday 6 March

The City of Darebinwill be holding the International Women’s Day Event at PrestonCity Hall. DOSA will have an information stall at this event, so if you have a project or an activity for women that you would like to promote then please let us know and we can include the information on our stall. If you have an activity (art, massage, henna painting, face painting for kids) that you would like to do at this event then you should also get in touch with us – dosa@divrs.org.au . The deadline for submitting your information or activities is 1 March.

4. IELTS Preparation Update

Many overseas students have requested help in preparing for IELTS. DOSA is working on organizing some sessions to help with this. The sessions will be held at venues in Prestonand will either be free or low cost. We are in the process of recruiting people to tutor at these sessions. If you are interested in participating in these sessions (either as a learner or as a volunteer tutor) then please contact Meredith at dosa@divrs.org.au

5. Want to run your own project? Want to run your own group? How can DOSA help you to do this?

During 2012, DOSA is being funded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. This money is meant to be spent on any activity that can help overseas students learn the skills and gain the knowledge to manage their own projects or run their own student groups. Do you need a workshop on how to apply for funding, or a mentor to advise you on promoting an event, or a venue to hold a meeting, or help in photocopying some fliers? If you want to know how DOSA can help, then come along to one of the Opportunity Showcases on February 23 (6.30-9pm) or March 4 (2-4pm) to find out how, or contact Meredith at dosa@divrs.org.au

Of course, one MAJOR project or group you could get involved in running is DOSA itself!

So what exactly does the future hold for DOSA? You tell us! It is very important for DOSA to start thinking about the future. DOSA is funded only up until 30 September 2012. After this there will be no more money and no more project worker. If you think that it’s important for DOSA to survive as a group, or for activities like the Drop In sessions to be offered to overseas students in the future then help DOSA come up with a plan as to how they are going to survive into the future. People who are a part of DOSA need to say what they want DOSA to be and how they think we should organize this. Come along to one of the Opportunity Showcase on March 4 (2-4pm) to find out how you can be involved, or contact Meredith at dosa@divrs.org.au




DOSAis funded by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship through the Diversity and Social Cohesion Program. For more information, visit www.harmony.gov.au

DOSA Late December 2011 Newsletter

4 Jan

Darebin Overseas Student Association (DOSA)

Newsletter, late December 2011

 Hi there! I have decided to sneak in one last newsletter for the year. We have a couple of exciting opportunities coming up for overseas students to get involved in, plus some other useful news.

1. Exciting Opportunities for Overseas Students 

Help DOSA win an award and you could win a prize!

DOSAwants to win the Better Neighbourhoods Award so that it can win $5000 to put on a project. If you come up with the winning idea for the award then you can win a $100 gift voucher for Myers.

DOSAwill be entering the Better Neighbourhoods Award, and we need your help to come up with the idea to do it.DOSAis running a competition for overseas students who live or study in the Darebin area. The competition is to find the best idea for a project that meets these needs:

  • The project must benefit overseas students.
  • The project must bring people in the community together
  • The project must help to make Darebin a place that feels safer to live in.

Get creative and suggest something thatDOSAcould do that makes Darebin feel welcoming and safe. It could involve food, fun games, lectures, workshops, performances??? Use your imagination and you tell us!

How to enter:

Fill in the entry form. It can be found at our blog – https://darebinoverseasstudents.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/help-dosa-win-an-award-and-you-could-win-a-prize/

The entry form will also soon be available on our web page – www.divrs.org.au/dosa

Send it into ‘Better Neighbourhoods Award Competition’ by 5pm, 19th January, 2012. Late entries will not be accepted. You can send it toDOSA by:

If you have any questions then please contact Meredith at dosa@divrs.org.au or 9480 8205.


Join us for Operation O-Week!

DOSA has been invited by LaTrobe International and NMIT to take part in their Orientation activities during February 2012. This is an excellent opportunity to promoteDOSAto overseas students. It is important that we promote ourselves well during orientation.

Creating a great Orientation display or presentation  takes thought, planning, and creativity.

You are invited to become a part of the Operation O-Week project team.

DOSAis looking for overseas students to volunteer on Operation O-Week. We need people to:

1. Choose and plan the ways in whichDOSAcan promote itself. We could do anything from creating posters to giving out lollies to performing street theatre – we are only limited by our imagination.

2. Organise the Operation O-Week project.

3. Make / create / find materials or displays we need.

4. Come to the Orientation Week activities to promoteDOSAto other overseas students.

Who should be involved?

Overseas students who live or study in the Darebin area who want to improve their skills or experience in the following:

  • Promotions
  • Project Coordination
  • Team work
  • Meeting new people
  • Making presentations
  • Making creative work

If you want to be involved then contact Meredith by the 12th January 2012. You can contact Meredith at dosa@divrs.org.au or at Facebook (Dosa Darebin) or on 9480 8205.



2. Some Other Useful News


Keep safe when travelling home for the holidays!

Just because you were born overseas does not mean you can not get sick if you go home for a visit. Your immune system changes when you spend time away from your home country, so you may no longer be protected from certain infections when you travel home. To avoid travel-related infections (e.g., typhoid, malaria, dengue, and hepatitis A) you should see your doctor before you travel (preferably at least 2-4 weeks before your trip). Vaccines, preventive medications, avoiding mosquito bites, eating safe foods and drinking only clean (bottled or boiled) water can help prevent these infections. For more information, call Royal Melbourne Hospital Travel Clinic (03 9342 7390) or your doctor’s centre or visit www.smartraveller.gov.au/tips/travelwell.html and www.traveldoctor.com.au. Last but not least, if you become unwell during or after your trip you should see a doctor and mention that you have been overseas.

Suggested links:


Burglary Prevention – A crime prevention message from the local police

I received this email from a local policeman recently:

“We have recently had several burglaries committed in Darebin overnight while residents are sleeping in the house.  What is particularly frustrating from a policing perspective is these criminals have only targeted houses who have left doors unlocked or even opened on hot nights (to allow the breeze through the house). I would please urge you all to make sure you lock your doors at night.  The metropolitan fire brigade support this security measure however would recommend you leave your key in the door from the inside to prevent an issue should there be a fire.  Please protect your family and your property by following this simple safety tip and have a very merry Christmas.”



I wish you all a very merry holiday season, and a safe, happy and prosperous 2012.


DOSAis funded by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship through the Diversity and Social Cohesion Program. For more information, visit www.harmony.gov.au