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How to get Money for your Project or Student Group

4 Apr

What is a grant?

A grant is some money that is given to you by an organization (either a government department or a charity or a business) so that you can afford to run a project.

Sounds good, how do you get one? You have to apply for a grant by filling in a grant application form.

Don’t know how to do this? Tried to do it but found it confusing? Are you just curious to know more about grants and how they work?

Attend our Grant Writing Workshop!

Grant Writing for the Terrified! DOSA presents a grant writing workshop to help you to understand grants better and how to apply for money.

In this workshop we will discuss:

  • What you should write in a grant application
  • What some of the technical terms, vocabulary and words in grant applications mean
  • How to talk to organizations that give grants
  • Handy tips for making your grant application more successful.
  • Where to go for more information.

Workshop exercises will be based on working through a real grant application so you can see what one looks like.

This workshop is meant to make applying for grants less confusing and stressful. It will be useful, practical and hands on. But it will also be fun and relaxed. Newcomers to grant writing and fundraising are welcome.

Date:               Wednesday, 11th April 2012

Time:              2.30-4pm (including afternoon tea).

Venue:            DIVRS, 285-287 High Street, Preston

Cost:               FREE!

Registrations: Essential –  dosa@divrs.org.au or call Meredith on 9480 8205.

For more information, please call Meredith on 0480 8205 or email her at dosa@divrs.org.au

During 2012, DOSA is running a project aimed at supporting overseas students to run their own projects or groups. This grant writing workshop is a part of that project. This project is funded (by a grant!) by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship through the Diversity and social Cohesion Program. For more information, visit http://www.harmony.gov.au

Meet Femy!

27 Mar

Welcome to Femy, who is helping DOSA out with administration work:

I am Femy Cherian, fromIndia, live in Craigieburn with my Family. My Family members are my husband Jento, little boy named Ryan, me and my brother-in –law Dijo.

I am interested in making new friends, new networks. My hobbies are watching movies, embroidery, cooking. I have enrolled at NMIT for Overseas Qualified Program (OQP), helps me to find a job/employment opportunity. I have 3 years experience in administration roles. On behalf of OQP we have to do a work placement, in which Meredith from DOSA and Sonya, my teacher from NMIT, helped me to get a work placement as administration assistant for 6 weeks at DOSA.

Femy brings some great administration and customer service skills to her student placement, and will be a great help to DOSA. We hope that she enjoys working with us.

Fantastic Theatre Opportunities for Overseas Students

15 Mar

If you are interested in acting or theatre, or finding out more about them, then there are 2 great projects for you to get involved in right now:


1. Have you got a story to tell?

All overseas students have a story to tell, and the community needs to hear them.

The Darebin Overseas Students Association and Platform Youth Theatre will be holding a series of theatre workshops.


These workshops will help participants to create and perform short theatre pieces based on the art of story telling. Participants will have the opportunity to perform their pieces at La Mama Theatre in July and August this year, either live or in a short film. The workshops will be fun, relaxed and friendly. They will help you create a short piece to perform, either on stage or in front of a camera. They will give you the confidence to stand in front of an audience and share your own special story.

Who can attend:        Overseas students (any level of experience welcome)
Cost:                           Free
Venue:                        Northlands Youth Centre
Day and time:            Every Sunday, 18th March-27 May 2012, 1.30-5pm
To register:                dosa@divrs.org.au

We are looking for:
• People who like performing
• People who have always wanted to try but feel too shy, and who need a fun and friendly workshop to help them
• People who like making short films
• People who want to help out behind the scenes.

Need more information? Contact Meredith at 9480 8205 or dosa@divrs.org.au

2. Students Invited to Take Part in an Exciting Theatre Project – no acting experience required!

Are you a student or spouse of a student interested in getting out, making new friends, developing new skills and having fun? The “Life’s a Gamble” Theatre Project are looking for interested students to take part in a fun theatre group.

Students who live, work or study in the northern region will be invited to participate in theatre workshops for two hours a week over 6 weeks (probably a Wednesday or Thursday evening form 6pm to 8pm with food provided). The workshops start around 4 April and will be facilitated by Brunswick Women’s Theatre and will involve students (both young men and women) acting out short, scripted scenes on topics relevant to issues they identify. The broad theme is gambling but other issues will also be raised. At the end of the project the rehearsed scenes will be performed at La Trobe Uni and elsewhere. At the end you will also get a certificate and if you are part of the La Trobe Award program you can claim the hours towards a bronze, silver or gold award.

To register your interest please email or phone Kate on kate.hufschmid@bchs.org.au or tel 9450 2080.